„I stay all day denying news of Bitcoin“, says Tiago Leifert

Presenter commented that the social network acts differently in content exclusion.

The presenter Tiago Leifert said that he belies Bitcoin all day for Instagram and Facebook and nothing happens, however, the social network would have made the exclusion of a content of Felipe Neto very fast, revolting Leifert.

Tiago Leifert’s revolt, 40, began when he saw Instagram’s case by excluding a video of journalist Rica Perrone. The journalist would have published a video of Felipe Neto, last Monday night (28), playing ball and drilling the quarantine. Neto creates content defending the quarantine, but his exposed broke the Internet.

Despite this, Instagram would have removed the journalist’s content, which revolted, criticized the social network. Perrone said on Twitter that his content with Felipe Neto playing soccer with his friends was removed twice on Instagram. The video would be on the journalist’s YouTube channel.

However, Leifert, seeing Instagram acting quickly in the case, revolted with the social network of Facebook.

Tiago Leifert revolted with Instagram „agile“ in the case of Felipe Neto: „I spend the day denying Bitcoin’s coup with my name“.

A few months ago, a coup on the internet has appropriated the image of many famous people. In Brazil, famous such as Chico Buarque, Carla Perez, among others, have been used by sites and fake social network pages as „Bitcoin investors“.

Known as Bitcoin Revolution (among other names like Bitcoin Loophole), the coup promises guaranteed returns with digital currency. In the last months, as first announced by Livecoins, the Bitcoin scam ended up using the image of Tiago Leifert. At the time of the beginning of the scams, Leifert was still presenting the BBB 20.

About to start the BBB 21, Tiago stated by Instagram that the blow still haunts him. According to the presenter, all day long he has to answer people about the blows involving his image.

Not only on Instagram, but also on Facebook, Leifert has seen the false promises involving his name circulating. He criticized on Tuesday (29) the social network Instagram for being so quick to exclude the video of Felipe Neto playing a „naked“ and not helping him to remove the videos that associate him with a Bitcoin scam.

Bitcoin Revolution is not only active in Brazil and makes victims in several countries. As the pages created by the coup do not appear in search engines, like Google, for example, it is difficult to exclude them all. Even so, the presenter guarantees not to have links with this coup that so much takes his time.

Is Bitcoin a promise of easy and fast enrichment?

Although Bitcoin will have an extreme appreciation in the year 2020, the digital currency is not a gap in wealth. Bitcoin was created to be the currency of the internet, the first that worked without the need of governments and companies.

As some prefer to invest in promises rather than seek studies on the subject, scams take advantage of people’s naivety. Bitcoin Revolution is just one example, but there are many on the Internet.

By using the image of famous people, scams seek to pass legitimacy to the schemes. However, Tiago Leifert was frustrated with the social networks not helping the famous people to protect themselves from these cyber threats, which end up affecting many people.

Finally, Bitcoin is not a promise of quick, easy enrichment, so be wary of receiving abusive proposals, even those that seem legitimate.